LET Examination Results

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LET exam results gave me a bump in traffic now from people searching for the LET examination results. LET stands for Licensure Examination for Teachers, in case you don’t know. They are all landing on my generic PRC board exam result post. Some are posting comments, asking me when will the exam results be released. Actualy I really don’t know when it will be released. Only those people from the PRC know about it. But don’t worry, I’ll post a link on this blog to the list of LET passers once it became available. Good luck and God Bless You LET Examiners. LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET LET. LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS LET EXAM RESULTS

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Blog Business

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Hatton, Too Easy for Pacquiao

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Hatton, too easy for Manny Pacquiao. Hatton's codename (Hitman) as in he was hit by Pacman in the face so many times. That's why Hatton didn't even stay longer. 2 Rounds is too long for him. He prepared for it for so long. Introduction for their fight is much longer than their fight in the boxing ring. Hatton practice so hard but then he is just 2 rounds away for Pacman's new title. Ricky Hatton needs 5 years to practice to stay until 5 rounds against Manny Paquiao on the boxing ring.

Pista'y Dayat 2009

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Pista'y Dayat 2009 here in Lingayen is very different this year. I really appreciate what our Government Officers have done. The happenings, programs and the place where they locate all the stores, the stage it is well planned. I really appreciate the beauty of our Lingayen Gulf. A lot of changes on our capitol ground. It is more beautiful than even. Before, I thought it was a sad Pista'y Dayat again like last year but I'm wrong it was very good and you can enjoy your stay because a lot of happinings and there are some popular Band who performed stage. Come and visit us here in our place to experience the beauty of our Lingayen Gulf. See it by yourself.