Manny Paquiao and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

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Manny Pacquiao Philippine President Gloria Arroyo declared the National Day Celebration in Manila in Malacanang Palace boxing champion with framed poster represents. Won six world boxing title in the United States tens of thousands of its own way without Manny Pacquiao, Philippines welcome home ceremony for the most popular athletes. Philippines Boxing Icon Manny Pacquiao came in MalacaƱang Palace Convention 1764 was officially at is announced that day, May 11 as a day of national celebration by President Arroyo herself select. News According to the pound for pound king by Mrs. Arroyo and First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo who welcomed personally Manny Pacquiao. Large number of cabinet officials, the leadership of Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita was also present at the palace. From this placement, Pacquiao victory over Ricky Hatton last May 3 there is a meeting with the president about. Reports, General Santos City-based left-handed only with a special baked pastry chef visits each MalacaƱang Palace after the match, something that is always about boxers regularly added. Pasta information for pound king, "sharp words" and flashed images of the region championship and a boxing glove design.