Direct Sat TV in a Restaurant

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It’s not easy to impressed and it’s been told it’s even harder to please. So the fact choosing DIRECSATTV for my direct sat commercial direct tv provider obviously means I was impressed with what I’d learned.
But more than what I learned about DIRECTV is what I learned about how to order DIRECTV.
If I hadn't literally stumbled upon a pretty surprsing feature of their website, I would have wound up forking out about $400 more for service.
I'll get to that point in a second, but you came here looking for a review of the DIRECTV service right? So let's cover that first.
Now, you need to understand that this was not some spur of the moment, flip of the coin decision. I did my homework. I read consumer reviews, talked to friends and family, and spent several evenings browsing through websites.
When I finished, I knew exactly what commercial satellite tv had to offer, and I have to say, yes, I was impressed.
They offer a whopping 250 channels of endless TV viewing, covering every genre you could possibly imagine. Comedy, drama, games and sports, variety, movies, news and weather all at the click of your remote. I was also impressed by the number of XM Satellite Radio channels, 68 at last count, and commercial free.
What really got my attention, though, was the awesome offering of movies. I’m a huge movie buff and DIRECTV has 31 premium movie channels and more than 60 pay-per-view movies each month. No standing in line for tickets, no clerk at the video store telling me the movie I want is ‘out of stock’.
TV is very one of the immediate need of a dish business. Costumers need also to feed their eyes and not just their stomach. They will love to eat when in restaurant specially if they enjoy the ambiance. TV with direct satellite tv can help.