Watch [a_CROSS//the_EARTH] :: Tear Down The Walls - Hillsong United 2009

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In 2009, Hillsong United return with ‘… a_CROSS // the_EARTH::tear down the walls’ – featuring 10 brand new LIVE praise & worship songs + new recordings of ‘Desert Song’ & ‘Your Name High’, including such anthems as the title track ‘Tear Down the Walls’ & ‘You Hold Me Now’. So what would a church with no walls look like? It looks like justice… not ignoring poverty or hunger… or the person next to me on the subway. Where faith translates to praise, and all our inadequacies kneel down at the feet of the King…. Where my wants…my needs… my aims and my ambitions bow to His. Worship that is simple, plain, effective, fair, honest, righteous, moral and authentic… Worship that calls a cross the earth, leaving redemption in its wake. This is our latest project from Hillsong United… What God is doing in us, is our story… but what you choose to do with it.. is yours. This is our heart’s cry, our soul’s hope, and our certainty.