My Baby's Ultrasound

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It's a baby boy....

M3:10-4 Now Open...

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M3:10-4 Now Open to Serve You.. In front of PSAT.. Alvear St. West Poblacion, Lingayen, Pangasinan.

Frost Solar-Powered Air-conditioner

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smart idea that you make use of the scorching sun itself to keep you cool during harsh summers? Why not. And it just seems so perfectly logical, I wonder why solar-powered air-conditioners haven't made themselves loud enough (not literally) to be heard by folks like us who spend shameful amounts on our electricity bills all summer.

The Frost is a concept solar-powered air-conditioner designed by industrial designer Philip Stankard that uses stored solar energy to power its fans, and refrigerator freezer energy to provide a source of low temperature for the fans' breeze to circulate into your home. While the unit itself soaks up the sun and converts that into power to operate the fans, there is a removable freezer pack that you can put into the refrigerator's freezer unit for soaking up the ice. All you then need to do is switch on the unit and insert the freezer pack to get some cold wintry breeze.

Apparently it's not only a breeze on your electricity bill, but also an air-conditioner that looks swell. As there aren't more details available yet, one would assume that since this device doesn't seem to have the luxury of temperature regulation, it would perhaps be more appropriate to term it an air-cooler. Which still doesn't take anything away from how cool a concept this is. This time, literally.

Kingston Creates record in releasing monster 256GB thumb drive

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Kingston releases the first 256Gb Thumb Drive in town... The DataTraveler 300. You don't need to erase some data to save a new one. I think 256GB is already enough to save all your files... Get it now and be the first one to use it..

Watch [a_CROSS//the_EARTH] :: Tear Down The Walls - Hillsong United 2009

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In 2009, Hillsong United return with ‘… a_CROSS // the_EARTH::tear down the walls’ – featuring 10 brand new LIVE praise & worship songs + new recordings of ‘Desert Song’ & ‘Your Name High’, including such anthems as the title track ‘Tear Down the Walls’ & ‘You Hold Me Now’. So what would a church with no walls look like? It looks like justice… not ignoring poverty or hunger… or the person next to me on the subway. Where faith translates to praise, and all our inadequacies kneel down at the feet of the King…. Where my wants…my needs… my aims and my ambitions bow to His. Worship that is simple, plain, effective, fair, honest, righteous, moral and authentic… Worship that calls a cross the earth, leaving redemption in its wake. This is our latest project from Hillsong United… What God is doing in us, is our story… but what you choose to do with it.. is yours. This is our heart’s cry, our soul’s hope, and our certainty.

Eat Bulaga Kakaibang Bida - Tribute to Michael Jackson

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It was a very great performance from Kakaibang Bida contestant performing like Michael Jackson. This guy name Anastacio Bertolano. I can't really imagine how he do it. It seems like he'll fall on the ground but he did it perfectly. It's like a magic. I can't really believe it when i saw it but he has that different kind of talent he is much better in this step than Michael Jackson but of course there is only one Michael Jackson and he is the original in his incredible and enthusiasms moves.

PBA MVP 2009 - Jayjay Helterbrand

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Jayjay Helterbrand - little but terrible. Eversince I was a child i'm a Brgy. Ginebra fan.. From the time of Jawo until now I'm cheering up for Brgy. Ginebra. The never say die team. San Miguel and Brgy. Ginebra battling for championship title. Jayjay raise the banner of Brgy. Ginebra for winning the 2009 Leos Award MVP. I am very happy and I am beginning to enjoy again watching PBA with my favorite team. Brgy. Ginebra. Hope they will win the championship.

Angelina Jolie

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Hollywood's Top-Earning Actress. She earned $27 million between June 2008 and June 2009. Angelina beat her partner Brad Pitt's ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, who came second in the list with earnings of $25 million.

Angelina is one of the sexiest women alive, has come to be known as Hollywood's premier bad girl. With the intoxicating charm of a dangerous woman, a unique, unorthodox beauty and immense acting talent, Jolie commands the screen like some kind of cinematic dominatrix. Off the screen, Angelina was once known for wild antics while younger but has become cultivated; a more mature image as a United Nations ambassador for children's issues.

From high-flying stunts in car stealing and treasure hunting movies to her latest soon-to-be-released movie with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie is all about action.
Angelina Jolie stars in a lot of action movies which led me to wonder why this was so. In “real life,” Jolie’s life really is full of action.

Angelina's earnings came from her share of the profits on 'Wanted', but she also scored a fat upfront cheque for 'Salt', an action film originally slated to star Tom Cruise, in which Jolie plays a CIA agent who is accused of being a Russian spy."

She is my favorite actress specially when it comes to action movies Angelina’s is a very good action star. And my favorite actor is her husband Brad Pitt they are really meant for each other.
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