Luis Miguel Honrado Sendaydiego

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Luis Miguel Honrado Sendaydiego in short MIGGY, I really thank God for a wonderful blessing, a very healthy baby boy. As he grow older my little baby now becoming playful. He is now 6 months old and he is not a baby anymore he is already a little boy. Miggy is very healthy and has a strong bones like his Mama. Miggy is very loyal to his mother, he doesn't like cow's milk he is dependent on his mother's milk. He is purely breastfeed baby. And as a result, the 6 months old baby is like a 1 year old little boy. In height, in weight (over weight) and in the way he act, the way he look and the way he play. In his 5th month he already knew how to "close and open" his hands. That was the first tricks his mama taught him. And he is very proud on it. Every time there are people surrounding him he always show his tricks. Maybe in his mind in this way he can make people happy by showing.
MIGGY is very lovable everybody wants to kiss him, carry him and play with him because he is Mr. Smiley. He is like a politician, very friendly. That's why we really love him. Our dream for him is to become a Pastor like his grandfather but let the will of the Lord be done.