Baby Blogger or A Baby of a Blogger?

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"As early as this start your blogging career and maybe at the age of 20 you get the highest rank at Alexa Rank 1 and maybe your site will get PR10."
Start planning for big things for your kids. Stop thinking of small things for them. Dream big because this is the only thing I know that is free. Train them in the way they should go and grow.
Their future is in your hand. Guide them the Lord's way. Don't expose your kids on bad things.
It's in your hand and it is up to you on how you will discipline them. Be carefull on everywords that you'll say to them. Always bring them to church, (Chrisitan Church). And of course show them good things specially Love them because this is the most important thing that they may have. Love them unconditionally they are gift from God.