Our House is a Blessing

by M3:10 Cyberkada 0 comments
It is small but elegant. We are the architect of our own house. Each part of the house was design by imitating it to the internet. The kitchen, the flooring, the window, the door, the master beedroom with walkin closet and comfort room. It is all with our own imitated idea. It is a miracle blessing from God because from nothing God rewarded us a small house He granted us our prayers. We believe that when you pray and believe you will recieve. No matter how big when you pray and believe God answers. It depends upon the level of your faith and with and your relationship to Him. When you get closer to God the blessing get closer to you too. Be thankful and be contented for all the blessings from God. Because the blessing of God make you rich and doesnt add no sorrow on it.