SEO Benifits from Blogging

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Blog optimization is part of search engine marketing? Definitely yes! Blogs are website content management system with additional functionality such as trackbacks, comments and RSS. There are no diffirence between blog and websites. If you can optimize a document and that document gets indexed, categorized and ranked by a search engine, it’s part of search marketing. As marketers should be aware of how these kinds of channels can be used within the online marketing mix. Blogs are one of all platforms that benefit from optimization. I believe the using blog software in managing certain kinds of content on a blog such as an online media room, to archive newsletters, post frequently asked questions and to provide product updates can make a blog that is very search engine un-friendly, become a viable source of great rankings. This applies to both regular search engines as well as blog search engines. These are applications for a blog besides the common use as a platform to increase credibility and communicate a more personalized voice for a company. Blogs are no silver bullet though and require working hard and smart - especially smart. However the payoff can be significant. Online Marketing Blog receives the majority of it’s traffic from search engines. The top referring search phrases in the past month for this blog include “marketing blog“, “online marketing“, “rss button” and “social bookmarks“. Even more niche phrases bring in quality search traffic such as, “blog optimization“, “press release optimization” and “social media optimization” which are all services our SEO firm provides. Of course the rules can change slightly over time, but here are a set of benefits I often find myself explaining to other people wondering about the search engine optimization benefits of having a blog or a website.