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Steps to increase my page rank...

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To Get a higher Page Rank... Follow this steps.

Page rank can be increased by creating many link back .. which is easy if you are going to follow these steps ..

So you have created a web site and want to increase your page rank
right ??

Update your website frequently

Try to put original content and update it with latestinformation and put some data which user’s may visit again and again

Join forums

Join many forums where you are allowed to have a signature and you can put a link of your page in the signature…. make sure that the forums are related to your website

One link to google

This is also believed to increase the page rank .. so you can have at least one link to some google page.

Submit to search engine directories

Submit your page to search engines like google and yahoo

To submit to google use this link

To submit to yahoo use this link

Trading of links

This means to put your link in other’s website and put their links in your website . If that website has a higher page rank .. it will increase your website’s page rank . Try to put your page’s link in as many website’s as possible.

There are many more complicated steps to increase the page rank

which you will need once your page rank comes 6 or 7 .

To get page ranks till 6 these steps will do …

To get more info on gadgets and SEO