Mural Painting Contest

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Jhun Rioferio from the Municipality of Bugallon gave their best through this mural painting as they show the beauty, unity, peace and progress of their town with their beloved Mayor Hon. Rodrigo Orduña.

Bangus Festival

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Pangasinan Bangus Festival is an annual event designed to highlight the industry Bangus, Dagupan establish as a major tourist destination and promote the city as the "Bangus Capital of the World."

The festival, which was instigated by Mayor Benjamin S. Lim of Dagupan primarily aims to promote Bonuan Bangus (milkfish). Is said to taste all its own, any other variety of milkfish compares.

Activities lined up for the festival include the Bangus ed expensive, a float parade on April 28, Bangus Rodeo on April 29, Kalutara ed Dagupan on April 30 and Pista'y Dayat (Sea Festival) on May 1.

Bangus Festival formally begins with the 101 Ways to Cook Bangus where seasoned chefs will showcase their distinctive style to prepare and cook Bangus. This will be held on April 27 at the City People's Astrodome.

Establish April 28 at the Leisure Coast Resort is an event that is expected graced by the President, the second National Bangus Congress. It is the largest gathering of key industry players in the country more.

The Bangus Rodeo, also on April 28, you will see various competitions to determine Deboner Bangus faster, faster and faster classifier Bangus Bangus dining. There are also competitions for Bangus longest, heaviest and most beautiful Bangus Bangus.

The Bangus Festival will culminate on April 30 when the Kalutara Dalane ed conclusion. It is here that the city has the longest part of the grill.

This year's Bangus Festival is organized by the Dagupan City Government, it will be the most popular bands in the country during a free concert.

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized that the city owns the world record in the "Longest Barbeque" in 2003 with his barbecue measuring 1007.56 meters, surpassing the 630 meters earlier in the hands of Peru. However he has since been moved from Turkey for its anchovy Grill is 1600 meters long. Dagupan City now expects to recover the record of the world they are creating a 2200-meter grid this year.

The whole province of Pangasinan Pista'y Dayat also celebrated May 1. It is the capital of Lingayen, Dagupan City in at San Fabian and festivities that are celebrated.


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Bagoong is the main source of living of the people of Pangapisan North, Maniboc, Lingayen, Pangasinan. Owners of Bagoong production are doing well, almost all of them are now millionaires and because of their business many citizens of the said place specially those out of school and those who didnt finished thier studies depend only in this job bagoong making. If you are industrious and hard working you will earn big. Only the lazy poeple will remain poor but those who love to work will never remain a laborer or as a bagoong maker. Maybe one of this days he will owned a bagoong factory. Some of our products here that are well kwon are PADAS, ALAMANG, Boneless Bagoong, Patis. The supplies of fishes are from Cavite, Malabon, Ilocos, Vicol, Bataan, Mindoro. Trucks of fishes are being transport to our place from these places. Fish vendors are also a big help for the people in our place. I can say that the best Bagoong in the World are from Pangapisan, Maniboc, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines.

Dog Collar

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In winning at any show is a major accomplishment, a huge congratulations not only to the dog with a very nice dog collar, but to the owner that always brings a lot of dog collars everytime he join any contest. The dog doesn’t know what he does, I’m sure, but congratulations to the owner and handler of such a beautiful animal with different collars of dog. He only need one or two collars in a contest but he always bring all his dog collars. I watched on the television, that sleek, chocolate brown dog strutting with pride around the ring, with his handler in tow at the opposite end of the leash. The very soft, wavy hair flowing from his ears and legs caused my thoughts to stray to memories in my own days in the ring and how I would have felt had that been my dog. One’s heart can’t help but swell with pride, watching such a gracious little dog, accomplish such a huge feat.