Faith Without Action is Dead...

by M3:10 Cyberkada 1 comments
It says in the bible that "Faith with out Work is Dead" if you really believe God in His word act upon every faith that you have. If you believe that God gonna give you work you apply for a work. If you'll just stay at home at wait for a job. It won't happen. You're just like "Juan Tanga" waiting for a fruit to fall down instead of picking it and eat it. It is the same with our faith. If you will not move or step on it. God can not move also. Do the first move and God will do His work. Sometimes you may think it is impossible but when God tell's you just do something and God will Do everything. That's Faith.
But how can you have a bigger faith. Read the word of God and dont fail to attend fellowship. Because faith commeth by the hearing and hearing the word of God. And one to do in your faith dont be double minded. Because a double minded man will not recieve anything from the Lord.