Maguindanao Massacre - Let Justice Prevail

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Some Comments from the Filipino People
this kind that person is no mercy DEATH PENALTY- DEATH PENALTY...........
For me..kahit ano pa ang kanilang pinanggalingan o kanilang alitan wag sanang dinamay ang mga taong walang hinangad kundi mag hanap buhay lamang....kung sino man ang gumawa non hindi ibig sabihin na mata2pang kayo naway DUWAG kayo dahil pumatay kayo ng walang kalaban-laban....makunsinsya naman kayo,,kung wala kayo non DIOS na bahala sa inyo...gawin din sana sa inyo ang ginawa nyo sa kapwa nyo ma2tay din sana kayong parang hayop......DUWAG.....
kamatayan ang hatul sa ganyan no mercy about hthis kind this person
nakakapanglumo, kung kailan lamang ay masaya dito sa pilipinas dahil sa panalo ni pacman. pero ngayon eto nmn.. lecheng mga pulitiko yan!
for all commentators for this episode. all of u wer nonsense...if ever mangudadatu was on the position he'll gonna do thesame thing! these clans seek power and treasure & both wer stupid muslims. mercy shud not be emboss for this people instead let them start their own war! the government shud not participate on this issue! instead pullout all troops and let this clans clash! this will be the best news that cud ever captured in history. great
Why they were killed?.. is there any conspiracy behind that masacre?...i hoped this tragedy will be solve and justice will establish.. peace from indonesia..
Shut the fuck out of this suspects! i consider a hero assassin! Killing ur own kind is considered the hardest decicion u cud ever imagine and yet they've done it & conquers fear! great job ampatuan! ur trully one of a kind...ubusin nyo ang kapwa nyo muslims...after all ur next!hahaha...
maxado silang gahaman sa salapi at ginamit nila ang mismong posisyon sa gobyerno para sa pansariling kapakanan ginawa nila ang mga bagay na ito ng walang pagdadalawang isip,dapat puh itong maaksyunan ng gobyerno sa lalong madaling panahon,at pagpanagutin ang may kasalanan,hndi puh e2 ga2win ng 1 taong nasa matinung kaisipan,pakikiramay pu sa mga naulila ng mga nadamay sa krimeng e2,ipagdasal natin sila para sa ikatathimik ng kanilang kaluluwa
mike of PALAWAN ph
So who do you think created this Monster, None other that the Monster herself. as a matter of fact this she monster has created a lot of different kind of monsters in our beloved PHILIPPINES. This she monster should be the one who should get the DEATH PENALTY

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The Seed Power Partnership

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Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach

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Youth Summer Camp

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