The Seed Power Partnership

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This ministry has been conceived in 1994 for the purpose of financially supporting the purchase and construction of the JCSGO Central Church in 156 15th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City. Through voluntary giving, many people’s lives were changed and the Body of Christ in the Philippines is blessed by it. One of the achievements of this ministry is prosperous life for those who faithfully gave to the Lord. The Bible says that we cannot out give God.

From the time it was birthed, the congregation did not stop giving. Even during those times that we needed to raise P14 million in six months time for its down payment, the people were enthusiastic. This time, JCSGO was able to construct the SEED Multi-purpose Dome and JCSGO Christian Academy 4-storey school building.

Alongside this partnership is God’s favor in multiplying the size of the church as entrepreneurs, young people, and families flocked to worship in this place. Today, a JCSGO Central Church facility has been a landmark in Cubao area and has been a venue to numerous concerts, prayer meetings, conferences, basketball leagues and various functions.

Jesus Christ Saves Global Outreach

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Now you can now visit our much awaited JCSGO Central Philippines website. It’s been a wait but the most important thing is that we are already here!
Now we have this site to connect with you. We thank God for modern technology like this. You may hear from us and we definitely want to hear from you. We do want to be of service to you in prayer and counseling so let us update each others’ progress so we can connect better.
The earth is now linked by website. We can make significant contributions through information exchanges that will be helpful in God’s kingdom expansion. Let us exalt the Lord forevermore! We pray that our site will be a blessing to you and to your family.
We care... Proverbs 3:5-6

Youth Summer Camp

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Hey guys!You know when you’ve experienced a moment with God and you can’t quite find the right words to frame what happened so that someone who wasn’t there would get some sense of what took place? Well that was our summercamps! We are so thankful to God for what He did in our midst! He is so good! Just wanted to encourage you to keep praying beyond yourselves, whether in church or in your bedroom, we know that the effective fervent prayer of the righteous avails much! So let’s never take prayer for granted and believe for God to continue to move in unprecedented ways this year!

M3:10 Cyberkada Center Christmas Promo!

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